You’re likely to get a higher bounce rate, and you don’t want your company to come off as spammy. Read it here! If you plan in advance, segment your audience when possible, and utilize the templates above -- you’re sure to have a trade show success story. So I thought we could take a look at the Ceramics Show for examples of what exhibitors are doing good and … not-so-good. Some things to take into account while drafting your trade show marketing strategy: Participating in this type of event is typically a cost-effective way to market your business and gives you the opportunity to meet with … If you’ll also be in attendance, we’d love to catch up! She must also test to make sure the trade complies with the fund's investment policies, including investment limit restrictions and fund disclosure requirements. As an association executive, if the sight of these two words doesn’t immediately send images of making connections directly to your brain, then there’s a disconnect somewhere. Hey! protocol 80, Inc.15 North Kendall Ave.Bradford, PA 16701Call us: 814-596-0020, 6 Pre-Trade Show Email Templates You Should Be Sending, This is a great way to spread out and organize all of the important info you want your contacts to know, while making sure you’re not hitting them too frequently or with too much content repetition. Simply copy and paste these samples when the time comes (with a little personalization, of course) and watch your prospects flock to your booth! This exhibition is an excellent opportunity for vendors in your industry to showcase their latest offers. In pre-show emails, give attendees a reason to visit by including: Product launches; Contests and giveaways; Discounts and exclusive trade show offers; Unique booth elements; When crafting pre-show emails, it is important to include the booth number and location so attendees can easily find you on the busy show floor. After all, it’s only